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Choice subsidiary insertEFFECT organizes Future Mobility Camp in Nuremberg

Working together to shape the mobility and city of tomorrow – This is an invitation to an unconference in October 2018

Nuremberg, Oct. 4th, 2018 | As part of the Nuremberg Digital Festival 2018, the Choice subsidiary insertEFFECT is organizing a barcamp on the topics of New Mobility and Urban Development. The urban environment is more and more characterized by traffic, noise and automobiles. Endless traffic jams cause frustration. To counter this trend, it is about time to develop and implement solutions to these problems. Traffic should adapt to a liveable environment even in big cities and not vice versa! The motto is: "Parks instead of parking lots!"

What: Future Mobility & Urban Development Camp 2018
When: October 16th 2018 from 9 am to 7 pm (admission from 8:15 am)
Where: Museum of Communication, Lessingstr. 6, 90443 Nuremberg, Germany

Further information and tickets: futuremobilitydays.de

The Future Mobility & Urban Development Camp
This unconference will bring together more than 200 people and provide a platform for networking, sharing visions, creating new ideas and clearing hurdles. While the impulses are set by keynote speakers, the concept remains open. Everyone is invited to bring interesting contributions, discussion topics and workshops. Thus, the complete program is created together with the participants at the beginning of the unconference.

The unconference kicks off with three wide-ranging, inspiring short lectures t. Denis Petri of Changing Cities e.V. talks about "Justice in Road Traffic. Is that possible?". Afterwards, Professor Dr. Harald Kipke from the Technical University of Nuremberg invites you to leave your own highways of thought and pursues the question "Mobility thought differently - is that possible?". The conclusion of the short lectures is marked by Dr. med. Michael Durst’s contribution "Which trends and technologies drive the mobility of the future?"

Then the session pitch starts, in which the participants of the camp introduce their topics, problems and suggestions. By polling the interest of the participants, the program for the rest of the day is created. Only the sessions of the camp sponsors are already fixed. So you can look forward to the following topics: "Micro Mobility Challenge" and "Potentials of Electric Mobility in the Smart Grid" are offered by Continental. The ZD.B invites you to exchange about "Blockchain & Mobility: From Hype to Concrete Application." The ADAC Nordbayern asks itself the question "Digital in the old age - can Mobility as a Service be provided in analogue ways?" N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft reports on its own experience with co-creation in the session "Open Innovation - Work together on the Mobility of Tomorrow ".

The Future Mobility Camp is intended to portray new mobility in all its facets and to find out what opportunities this offers for a sustainable urban development, but also which framework conditions and incentives can be set, for example by traffic planning authorities.

Why is the camp being organized?
When talking about the future of mobility, the focus often lays on Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. Model regions are established in and around these cities. insertEFFECT wants to put the metropolitan region of Nuremberg on the mobility map. Although there are some established networks and clusters like the CNA e.V., Bayern Innovativ Automotive, eMobilisten or the events of the ZD.B, there is still no public perception and no space for joint experimentation. The intention of the Camp is to make the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region better known and strengthen it as an innovation laboratory for the mobility of tomorrow. insertEFFECT does not want to wait for the Silicon Valley giants to shape the German market, but to encourage local companies and start-ups to develop this market!

Contact for inquiries:
insertEFFECT GmbH
Andreas Fehr
Hessestraße 5-7
90443 Nuremberg, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 911 274487 165
Email: andreas.fehr@inserteffect.com

About insertEFFECT:
insertEFFECT from Nuremberg develops products and projects as an interface between technology and the users of new mobility offers. These include apps for car sharing systems, public transport and intermodal booking platforms. The team of insertEFFECT brings the know-how, which is important for the Future Mobility Days: apps, design, agility, ingenuity and passion. In the implementation of the event insertEFFECT is supported by the company UCS, the creators of the successful Nuremberg Web Week.

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